Ask Yourself These 6 Questions if You Have Dry Hair

The cure for dry hair requires a two-pronged approach. First, commit to infusing your mane with as much hydration as possible, whenever possible. This means using extra-emollient shampoos and conditioners, as well moisture-rich styling products like serums, creams, and oils. Then, figure out why your hair is so dry in the first place. To help with that, start by asking yourself these questions:

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    How often do I shampoo?

    Over-shampooing strips your hair of natural scalp oils that help to keep strands shiny and supple. Most hair experts say to limit cleansing to no more often than once a day, though many encourage even greater restraint and recommend shampoos be extended to every second, third or even fourth day. Then, to look fresh between cleansing, just sprinkle or spray a little dry shampoo at the roots—or rinse your hair with plain water, sans shampoo, and restyle.


    Are there sulfates in my formula?

    Shampoos that contain sulfates typically clean more aggressively than sulfate-free formulas, stripping away precious moisture, along with dirt and product buildup. To minimize moisture loss, all of Prose’s cleansing products are sulfate-free, and formulas for dry-hair sufferers are infused with extra hydrating ingredients, such as Honey, Plum Oil, and Porphyra Algae.


    How much time do I spend outdoors?

    UV rays zap moisture from your hair, as do hot, dry climates (i.e. Arizona, New Mexico in the summer) or dry, cold climates (i.e. The Midwest and Upper Atlantic in the winter). Wearing a hat helps, as does using products that provide some UV protection. Ingredients that protect in sunnier climates are Coconut and Karanji Oils, which are natural UV absorbers.   


    Do I heat style?

    Regularly using a blow-dryer, curling iron, flat iron, or hot rollers does damage to the outer layer of your hair, allowing moisture to seep out. Spritzing on a heat protectant product to minimize frying is one solution—and Prose makes products infused with Wheat and Soy Amino Acids plus Arginine for this purpose. But you should also think about dialing down the temperature on your hot tools, as most hair types can be easily smoothed or curled at a temperature well below the 400+-degree maximum. Don’t have a hot tool with an adjustable temperature dial? For the sake of your hair, it could be time to update your model.


    What kind of water do I have in my shower?

    Hard water—especially if it contains ample amounts of calcium and limestone—can leave mineral deposits on your hair. Over time, these deposits build up, creating an impermeable film that makes it very difficult for conditioning products to penetrate and nourish your strands. Getting a water softener is one strategy, as is using a cleanser that can dissolve that buildup. Prose shampoos are frequently formulated with Cellulose, an ingredient that gently helps slough mineral buildup off the hair.


    Is my diet well-rounded?

    Nutritional deficiencies often show up in the hair first because your scalp and strands are among the last areas of your body to receive nutrients. This means, if there’s a shortage, your strands get short-shrift. If you suspect your diet may be partially to blame for your hair’s thirsty state, talk to your doctor about ways to sneak in more nourishing foods or whether supplementation might be a good strategy. Also, ask if any medications you’re taking could be the culprit.


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